The following recommended links are beyond my own specizlized portfolio preparation services

Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design

This organization is comprised of the best colleges of art in the US and Canada. Their website is a wealth of information about studying art, from college info to career planning.

National Portfolio Day Association 

A specialized college fair for visual artists, where representatives from colleges of art and universities in the US and Canada give portfolio advice and information about their programs. 

Portfolio days (primarily for undergraduate programs) -

Portfolio days for graduate programs

NACAC Visual and Performing Arts Fairs

These fairs aren't as specialized to visual artists as National Portfolio Days, but can be particularly helpful to seniors as they usually are scheduled months ahead of the West Coast portfolio days.

Portfolio Preparation Articles 

     •The Why and How Portfolios are Used in College Admissions - my article published on a tutoring company blog

     • From the New York Times - Article about what colleges look for in a portfolio

     • From Web Family New York - Article by mother of high school visual artist going through college search featuring using me

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Kaarme  College info and free scholarship search 

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